At the weekend, the lovely people at the 2015 WebWeWant festival and the Royal Festival Hall let us bring our marble runs along for parents, children, and general public to play with. We had lots of eager helpers, buiding programs and solving challenges. Lots and lots of creativity. Programs to […]

Programming with Marbles at #WebWeWantFest 2015

Here’s our final program of the day: Evan, Lucy and Toby built this program to fulfil Tom’s Algorithm: The three things we learnt (Algorithms, Programs, and Input/Output), together with Tom’s challenge: “a Program with one Input that takes 8 marbles and splits them into 8 different outputs, one marble per […]

Lucy, Evan, Toby, Tom

We do a lot of 3D printing. For the Brighton Maker Faire last weekend, we printed hundreds of marble-runs for children to take home. But a single print usually takes 4-8 hours, so we’re always on the quest to speed things up! Replicator2 faster settings Out of the box, the […]

Faster 3DPrinting with a Replicator2