At the weekend, the lovely people at the 2015 WebWeWant festival and the Royal Festival Hall let us bring our marble runs along for parents, children, and general public to play with. We had lots of eager helpers, buiding programs and solving challenges. Lots and lots of creativity. Programs to […]

Programming with Marbles at #WebWeWantFest 2015

After a couple of weeks of sitting in our new office, we’ve noticed the humidity in here is constantly quite high, when we first moved in it was a whopping 78%. It’s worth noting the ideal humidity in a home is around 50% (our old office was around 30%). Since […]

Moisture problems

In order to print your 3D model, it’s necessary to ‘Slice’ it and turn it into code which the printer can understand. The clue is in the name, the software takes your STL file and slices it into layers, turning each printer movement into a line of ‘gcode’. The amount […]


All of my prints seemed to be suffering from a lot of under-extrusion, only after slowing the extrusion rate right down (to 40mm/s) and increasing the temperature to as high as 235 (this makes the PLA much less viscous, and flows much better through the nozzle, allowing for higher speeds of […]

Keep your nozzle clean…

The Ultimaker 2, a quick firmware update and it’s ready to print. Quite a bit of under extrusion on the prints, settings definitely need some tweaking, got to get a nice balance between temperature and extrusion speed. One of the ultimaker 2’s nicer features is being able to control various settings […]

Our new toy (on loan) – The Ultimaker 2

We do a lot of 3D printing. For the Brighton Maker Faire last weekend, we printed hundreds of marble-runs for children to take home. But a single print usually takes 4-8 hours, so we’re always on the quest to speed things up! Replicator2 faster settings Out of the box, the […]

Faster 3DPrinting with a Replicator2