Running Makerware 3.5+ slices on old Makerware versions (3.1-3.4)

Sometimes, when a print fails for no apparent reason, it’s important to go back to the old version of the software and see if it works there. If it does, you’ve proved that it’s a bug in the vendor’s software, and you shouldn’t waste any more time on it. Also: you can give the evidence to the vendor and it will make it 10x easier for them to fix it!

So, for instance, we currently run multiple versions of MakerBot’s Makerware.

(if that link fails, apologies. Makerbot often blocks people visiting from countries outside the USA(!), and critical items like the Release Notes for new versions are hidden on secret URLs. Your mileage may vary…)

Recently we found that the print-profiles saved by latest version of Makerware crash the older versions. When we need to test a slice on the older version, to check the bugs in new version, this is a problem. In theory, the crashes shouldn’t be a problem – they’re using version-numbered files in a standard file-format (JSON). If we do this much more, I’ll write this into a conversion script and publish it.

Through trial and error, here’s what Makerbot changed in new versions, and you have to manually change back again:

startX became startPosition.x

Change this (new):

“startPosition” : {
“x” : -110.40,
“y” : -74.0,
“z” : 0.20

to this (old):

“startX”: -110.4,
“startY”: -74.0,
“startZ”: 0.2,

layerWidth* got removed, but are still needed

Add this (old):

“layerWidthMaximum”: 0.4,
“layerWidthMinimum”: 0.4,

rapidMoveFeedRate* got removed, but are still needed

Add this (old):

“rapidMoveFeedRateXY”: 150,
“rapidMoveFeedRateZ”: 23,

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